Meaning Of The Song (AFASAWAYA)

“Planning Not To Understand It All”

When Emily Brimlow was in the studio making her everyday Pop World Music, The flow as coming out in a beautiful way, however you never know with these things. Emily Brimlow is not a mystic, or religious, But she might be is the good feeling upside positivity and energy of her music flows through your brain mind body soul spirit energy. She works hard every day every night getting hurt getting good feelings but not bad feelings. Emily Brimlow is a legend, Emily Brimlow is a beast, Emily Brimlow is a creative artistic beautiful blonde surfer bomb shell. When Afasawaya was first conceived, in the studio where producers AALOK and Nicholas Balachandran create musical masterpieces that transform any ear hole that receives its frequency, it was evident that the never revealed word had a meaning beyond acknowledgeable proportion.

Russ Vasilchuk